About Golan Products

Golan Products first started manufacturing filters in 1994 after a decade of being a contract manufacturer for the US defense department. Our first filter for the general market was the TRAP Radiator Filter which worked great on most combustion engines, but was not acceptable and rejected by the radiator manufacturers in the 90’s.

During a sales pitch for the TRAP Radiator filter at K&N Engineering’s facility in Riverside, California we met with then president of K&N, the great legend, Nate Shelton.

We’d discussed the option of selling the TRAP under K&N’s label, however, although Nate liked the idea, he had no interest in it, because he knew there would be a problem selling it.

Nate hinted, “if you ever develop a fuel filter, come see us again.” Before even stepping out of the door my mind was racing to develop a fuel filter.

A month later I was back with Nate Shelton, and a few minutes after introducing him our first fuel filter, Nate asked for pricing and minimum order amount, and from there we were in business. In 1996, at the SEMA show in Las Vegas our Large Fuel Filter took second place for best product of the year.

More than a year later, we introduced to the market our smaller version of the Large Fuel Filter, The Mini Filter, followed by the Super Mini. We sold thousands of them to the motorcycle industry.


In 1998, while visiting a Harley Davidson dealership in Marina Del Rey, CA, the parts manager asked me if we could develop a fuel valve for Harleys. I started talking about this idea with every Parts Manager I met, and I kept hearing that the aftermarket Fuel Valves available on the market were problematic, expensive, and difficult to repair, and the warranty wasn’t great either. That idea birthed the first iteration of our Fuel Petcock which was used extensively by custom bike builders.

Later in 1999, we received an 11,000 piece order from Indian Motorcycles, and while fulfilling that order, we developed the Click-Slick petcock which was an improved design that incorporated stainless steel ball bearings to reduce friction and ensure a perfect seal, no leaks. This new design propelled our petcock to the top of the market. With the best design, highest flow, and a lifetime warranty, there is no competition.

The repair cost is simply the cost of a replacement O-ring (roughly 30 cents) and postage. We offer to replace the O-ring free of charge if our customers don’t feel like taking it apart themselves.

After a few years of being on the market, our Super Mini filter was purchased by a drone manufacturer. They had requested some design changes to better suit the needs of the Aviation industry. With those changes, we introduced the Compact Filter. Coincidentally, the improvements we made to the filter which included a denser, reinforced body, made it a great aftermarket part for dirt bikes, which have greater exposure to impacts and a more rugged environment. We sent our Compact Filter to KTM’s R&D department in Austria for testing and you can see their statement below.

We hope this biography of our company’s origins and continuous effort of reiterative improvement gives you faith in our products. We know you will appreciate the performance and quality, which is a direct result of our pride in workmanship. Our products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

Golan Products has been providing Performance Fuel and Oil Filters and Fuel Valves to the Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle and both civil and military Aerospace industries for over 26 years.

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