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Reusable Oil & Fuel Filters

About Us

Golan Products is a leading manufacturer of billet, reusable fuel filters, and reusable oil filters. We also manufacture motorcycle fuel tank valves/petcocks, as well as marine and chopper fuel tank selectors.


Our fuel filters are used in aviation and aerospace applications such as UAV, light airplanes and some rocket engine applications.

Our S.E.M.A., award-winning filters are made out of aluminum housing and aerospace 300 series stainless steel elements. All our “large” and “G” filters are for extremely high flow requirements and are manufactured for high-pressure systems that will handle any rough environment. 

Our filters are easy to maintain; they are washable and reusable. And they have served in the auto, motorcycle, and boat racing sports industries as well as in aviation and military industries for many years. 

Our fuel valves and fuel tank selectors employ new proprietary technology in the field of fuel valves. We use bearings in our valves to create minimum friction resulting in smoother operation, and the positive positioning of our valves makes them safer than any other fuel valves in the industry today. Our proprietary valve technology has awarded us new patents and a large customer base.


Golan Products envisions that our new markets for filters will be in the food and medical industries, we know we can fit there, and we know our filters will make big changes and improvements in these industries.

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