Improve the performance of your engine.

Golan Products proudly introduces our made in USA, high performance filters to improve the output and performance of your engines. All of our filters are engineered for maximum flow, with less than 5% reduced flow in gravity or fuel pumps. Able to sustain high pressure flow well beyond any other filter in the market. They are washable and reusable indefinitely.

Our filters have been used in the high performance motorcycle, marine and automotive industries for almost 30 years, as well as aviation, used in rocket engines, and military vehicles, such as the Israeli MERCAVA tanks (1,700 H.P General Dynamic diesel engines). Our filters have been approved by the F.A.A. Several drone plane manufacturers have been using our filters for many years. Designed for military and commercial specifications for years, it can certainly serve the general market as well.

Compact Fuel Filters (12)

Mini Filter (7)

Super Mini Filters (10)

Large Filter (1)

Trap Radiator Filters (1)

40 Micron G-Filter Element (1)

Spare parts (3)