GOLAN PRODUCTS introduces the world’s first BALL BEARING petcock with detents for quick, effortless switching from “ON” to “RESERVE” to “OFF”. You can now switch petcock positions with confidence, each position having its own, easy to feel detent, O-Ring seat secure any leak from the petcock to the carburetor, Petcock handles motion is virtually friction-free using internal ball bearing which reduces the effort needed to move the lever. The 90 degrees movement between each detent ensures positive transition when riding without a distracting glance at the petcock. Each valve position is firmly held in place unaffected by vibration until the rider makes a change. This second-generation gas petcock can be modified to fit custom tanks and be set to determine the amount of “RESERVE” gas available with virtually any custom gas tank. The ball bearings completely eliminate traditional rough, sticky or frozen valve action. Constructed from 360 Brass and stainless steel ball bearing, polished and show chromed, built to last a lifetime.

Smooth Finish (5)

22mm Petcock (30)

3/8 NPT (30)

Spare parts (2)