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Golan Products introduces our USA made, high performance, superior flow filters.

Element: Designed and engineered for the aerospace industry, for rugged, high temperatures, and extreme filtration environments, made of pleated 304 stainless steel, 10 micron (.000392”), 0.780” (inch) Diameter. Total of 1.8 square inch of effective filtration area. Element provides maximum flow of 3 gallons per minute simultaneously with no restriction. Element is washable, reusable indefinitely, and cleaned easily with air or soluble rinse.

  • Bodies: Machined on CNC from 6061 anodized aluminum.
  • The Compact filter is 1.100” Diameter, and .875” length (less fittings).
  • The Compact filter available with Quick disconnect and 5/16” barb (P/N 50-Quick-1).
  • Both side Quick disconnect fittings (P/N 50-Quick-2).
  • And both sides 5/16” Barb (P/N 50-312B-A) or (P/N 50-312B-BLK for black finish).

Our Filters will fit easily on any motorcycle, ATV, or power sports vehicle and can suit a wide range of engine sizes and fuel lines.

Golan Filters are guaranteed to be the best fuel filters available in the market.

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