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Fuel Petcocks


THE CLICK-SLICK Ball Bearing Petcock

·  SAFETY FIRST- Large distance between positions "ON" and "RESERVE"(180 Degrees, stop to stop) for safe operation.

·  Positioning lever has smooth (ball bearing) motion and firm position detents to prevent accidental shifting by motor vibration.

·  Our Petcocks are easily rebuildable.

·  Our Petcocks carry a limited lifetime warranty.

·  Ball petcocks available in 22mm, 3/8 NPT, 6-AN fittings, Finish in Chrome, Black Zink, and in raw brass finish on.

·  Now available in “Long Pick Up Tube” for aproximately 1 gallon of extra fuel in reserve position.

Ball Petcock with reserve 
pick up tube removed for racing or shallow tanks.

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