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Large Filter

Largel Filter Part Numbers
40-04AN 4-AN Fittings
40-06AN 6-AN Fittings
40-08AN 8-AN Fittings
40-10AN 10-AN Fittings
40-12AN 12-AN Fittings
40-312B 5/16 Barbed Fittings
40-375B 3/8 Barbed Fittings
40-500B 1/2 Barbed Fittings


GOLAN Billet Fuel Filter
Exploded View

"Golan Products” SEMA award winning high performance billet, stainless steel, washable and reusable filter. GIS Products introduces our USA made, high performance billet, stainless steel, washable and reusable superb flow filters. For those who want and appreciate quality, these high performance billet, stainless steel, washable and reusable filter will take you to the highest level of filtration performance.
Filter Element: Designed and engineered for the aerospace industry, for rugged, high temperatures, and extreme filtration environments, made of pleated, 304 stainless steel, 10 micron (.000392"), 1.375"(inch) diameter. There is a total of 6.2 square inches of effective filtration area, providing maximum flow of 900 gallons per hour simultaneously with no restriction and no drop in pressure. The filter element is washable and reusable indefinitely; cleaned easily with air or soluble rinse.
Bodies: The finest CNC machining from 6061 aluminum, Clear Anodize, give you the clearance for use in any type of fuel, oil etc. The billet, stainless steel, washable, reusable, and performance filter assembly is reversible to provide full fuel bypass to prevent fuel starvation in racing applications. The interchangeable threaded end caps are sealed with rubber O-rings that will withstand over 6,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Filters can be used in other applications such as: Transmission, Power Steering, Rear End Gears and more.
Note: For applications other than fuel (diesel, ethanol, and oil) may require a large micron element.

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Specification:4.25" long, 2.00" Diameter, Weight 5 OZ.
Sizes in barbed:
5/16", 3/8", and 1/2".
Sizes in AN fittings4-AN, 6-AN, 8-AN, 10-AN, and 12-AN.
Mount Bracket:Spring load nickel plated tool steel!
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