Below is our 22mm down facing petcock with standard reserve
pickup tube and screen in the “OFF” position (P/N 76-312D-CS).
The same petcock with a longer tube/screen: P/N 76-312D-CL.
Turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees for “ON”. Turn the lever counterclockwise for “RESERVE”

Check the size of the port holes and fuel passages. The smallest
obstruction is the 1/4 x 3/8 o-ring. This design ensures enough fuel
flow to satisfy demand for the most extreme applications.


Fuel Selector Valves & Fuel Petcocks

The CLICK-SLICK – Ball Bearing Petcock

Finally, a reliable high flow petcock valve that works every time, all the time; “Golan Products” click-slick     motorcycle petcock is the world’s first ball-bearing petcock with detents and stops for quick, effortless switching from “ON” to “OFF” to “RESERVE”.

You can now switch petcock positions with confidence, with each position having its own distinctive audible click and easy to feel detent. In the “OFF” position, the spring-loaded ball plunges down on the O-ring seat to secure any leak from the petcock to the carburetor. The lever motion is virtually friction-free; using an internal ball bearing system that reduces the effort needed to move the lever. The ball bearings completely eliminate traditionally rough, sticky or frozen valve action. They hold each valve position firmly in place, unaffected by vibration. The 90 degree movement between each detent ensures safe positive transition from “ON” to “RESERVE” while riding.

This petcock valves can be altered to set the amount of reserve gas available by shortening or removing (twist off) the reserve pickup tube for racing or shallow tanks (see illustration). For cruisers and radical custom tanks, long petcocks are available. The long reserve pickup tube and screen also sold separately. Completely machined from brass bar stock, constructed with stainless steel components and two standard size viton O-rings, this petcock is built to last a lifetime.

Click here for Installation instructions

“If this petcock fails to perform by leaking, sticking, or not shutting off completely every time…we will fix it free of charge forever.”~ GIS Products.





Ball Petcock with reserve
pick up tube removed for racing or shallow tanks.
Standard and long length petcocks Enlarged View
Ball Petcock Modifications
Click for enlarged View

76-312B, 76-312D, 76-312F, 76-312S
with outlet positions Click for Enlarged View

6-AN fitting for S&S CARBS! Hold Float bowl Needle within .0002" from center. Click for
enlarged View
6-AN Fitting Replace swivel fitting for all MIKUNI CARBS.
Click for
enlarged View
Low Profile Outlets:          
The purpose of the “Low Profile Outlet” is when there is not sufficient space between the fuel tank and the heads for petcock installation, you can use these outlets with our “Fuel Tank Selector” or inline shut-off valve to achieve clearance.    
enlarged View

enlarged View

      enlarged View  

Chrome Fuel Tank Selectors

The Selector enables the mounting of the fuel valve at any desired location. For Choppers especially, this device will keep the fuel tank bottom clear from hoses or petcock. Most chopper tanks, are usually raised up in the front section and installing petcock in front or middle part of the tank, will not allow to drain or use all the gasoline in the tank.

The SELECTOR needs two hoses coming from the gas tank one for "ON" position and the other for "RESERVE". Hoses can come from the very end of the fuel tank, allowing you to use 100% of fuel capacity, In some applications cross over outlets can be used.

SELECTOR uses the same mechanism as our BALL PETCOCK with 90 degrees detent movement between “ON” to “OFF” to “RESERVE”. The second generation SELECTOR comes with two SWIVEL INLETS FITTINGS, (Industry First). In the “OFF” position both inlets and outlet are “SHUT OFF”, making it A REAL FUEL TANK SELECTOR not a fuel tank equalizer.

Like our Petcock the fuel SELECTOR gives you more fuel flow than you will ever need, it is 100% rebuildable with three stock O-Rings and five minutes of work. Our selector can be sold as unit with two holes mount back plate, or can be sold with one hole mount back plate.

77- 312C Ball selector (swivel Fittings)- One Hole Cover. AIH Texas Chopper Upgrade


77-375B Fuel Tank Selector Bracket
Replaces AIH Texas Chopper stock Bracket

Selector parts Drawing (swivel Fittings) Click for enlarged View
77- 312F Ball selector (Swivel Fittings)- Two Holes Cover

Polished Aluminum Ball Selectors    
77-312D Side View        
77-312D Back View
77-312D Front View

Aluminum Taper Rotor Selectors


77- 600G (Include Face Plate)

77- 600G (No Face Plate)
77-312A ORIG AIH Texas Chopper Selector
K77- 312A Rebuild Kit for these three selectors.

Marine Manual Fuel Tank Selector

The best mechanical tank selector you can get!
Billet aluminum, 100% rebuildable, 6-AN, 8-AN, 10-AN, 3/8" and 1/2": Barbed fittings.
Fittings changeable with any combination just like all our filters. Shut off position will prevent any leak, selector should last for a lifetime. Selector available with clear bright anodize, and will work with any type of racing fuel.

Fuel Tank Selector Part Numbers:
35-06AN 6-AN Fittings     35-375G 3/8 Barbed Fittings
35-08AN 8-AN Fittings     35-500G 1/2 Barbed Fittings
35-10AN 10-AN Fittings

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