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GIS Products is a leading manufacturer of billet, washable and reusable fuel and oil filters for the automotive, marine and motorcycle industries.

We also manufacture aftermarket motorcycle parts including  fuel petcocks valves, and Marine and Chopper fuel tank selectors.

Our S.E.M.A. “Award Winning” filters are made out of aluminum housing and aerospace 300 series stainless steel elements. All our “Large” and “G” filters are for extreme high flow requirements, and manufactured for high pressure systems capable of withstanding any rough environment.

Our filters are easy to maintain, they are washable and reusable, and have served the racing, aerospace and military industries for many years.

Our fuel valves, petcock and fuel tank selectors, incorporate new technology: the idea of using ball bearings in our valves to create a minimum friction, smooth operation with a very positive positioning, makes our valves safer than any other valve in the market, and has awarded us with new patents and a large customer base. 

When it comes to motorcycle parts, you can’t settle for second best.

Having the best products is crucial to the integrity of your motorcycle.

Many businesses claim to have the newest and best parts on the market, but they are anything but new. This can cause major problems with your motorcycle safety. Here at GIS Products you really get the best, safe and enduring parts that you need.

GIS Products, based in California, is a leader among fuel valves manufacturers and motorcycle parts providers. We have cutting edge technology and equipment to build the highest quality fuel petcocks and valves.

For many years, we have advanced our skills and created some of the best motorcycle parts on the market. We conduct a lot of research to ensure that our products are the top of the line.


If you deal with GIS Products, you get nothing but the very best.

We manufacture fuel petcocks, KTM fuel filters, Husaberg fuel filters, Suzuki fuel filters and Yamaha fuel filters.

So, if you are in need of a petcock or any of the above, please consider GIS Products’s work. Now is the time to take advantage of our great services in the motorcycle parts industry. 

GIS Products offers a reliable high flow petcock that works! Our click-slick petcock is the world’s first ball-bearing petcock with detents and stops for quick, effortless switching from “ON” to “OFF” to “RESERVE”.

We are also the leading manufacturer of stainless steel billet fuel filters, motorcycle and chopper petcocks, shut off valves, fuel tank selectors, washable and reusable filters, oil collectors and filters, fuel valves, and breathers plus precision made motorcycle accessories.

In 1999, GIS Products received the prestigious SEMA New Product of the Year Award for its patented stainless steel, washable, and reusable automotive fuel filter.

Designed and engineered for the aerospace industry, for rugged, high temperatures, and extreme filtration environments, these award winning stainless steel, washable, and reusable billet motorcycle and chopper filters and fuel valves are made from pleated 304 stainless steel, 10 micron (.000392 inches), 1.375 inches diameter. With a total of 6.2 square inches of effective filtration area, these stainless steel, washable, and reusable billet, motorcycle and chopper filters and fuel valves provides a maximum flow of 900 gallons per hour with no restriction and no drop in pressure.

The element is washable and reusable indefinitely, cleaned easily with air or soluble rinse.

GIS Products now has more than fifty filtration related “Golan Products” filters, fuel valves and fuel tank selectors and is a premium fuel valves manufacturers.

We are the manufacturer of award winning, high performance fuel petcocks in California and filtration products for automotive, motorcycle, chopper and go kart applications.

Our patented products set the standard for quality, utilizing stainless steel billet materials and CNC machines.

GIS Products also fabricates proprietary products for military vehicles for the U.S. and Israel

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